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Your User Name is your surname, and your membership number is that which was given to you by the relevant Institute.

If you cannot remember your membership number, please contact the relevant Institute.

If you are a current member of either body, but your details as described above do not allow you to log into the site, please first ensure that you have tried to prepend your membership number with sufficient leading zeros to create an 8 digit number. If that fails, email us with your surname and current membership number.


If you have ordered your subscription through an agency, your user name is the short version of the agency name given below:

Agency Short Name
Ebsco Ebsco
Exlibris Exlibris
Kinokuniya Publications Service Kinokuniya
KPT InfoTrader KPT
Lehmanns Lehmanns
Lehti Market Oy Lehti
LM Info LM Info
Minerva Minerva
Nankodo Nankodo
Otto Harrassowitz Otto
Prenax Ltd Prenax
Suomalainen Kirjkauppa Suomalainen
World Health Organisation WHO

Your membership number is the reference number supplied by your subscription agency.

If you are still having problems, please email us with details of your current subscription order.

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