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Institute of Biomedical Science

The Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) is the professional body for biomedical scientists in the United Kingdom. It aims to promote and develop biomedical science and its practitioners.

The Institute was founded in 1912 and currently represents over 19,000 members employed mainly in National Health Service and private laboratories, veterinary laboratories, NHS Blood and Transplant, Public Health England, Medical Research Council and Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Other members also work in related commercial fields and in teaching. Most members live and work in the United Kingdom and Ireland but many are employed overseas.

IBMS roles

The strength of the Institute is its members, multidisciplinary and multiprofessional, with all the various skills and expertise they offer.

Role in biomedical scientist registration

Registration is the cornerstone of long-term professional aims and places the Institute at the centre of developing education, training and professional standards. The IBMS:

Further activities

The IBMS is involved in the education and training of biomedical scientists - accrediting degree courses, assessing the competence of biomedical scientists to practise and organising a programme of higher and advanced diplomas for its members.

The IBMS has been granted a licence by The Science Council to award the designation Chartered Scientist to qualifying IBMS members. The designation Chartered Scientist is a mark of excellence awarded to scientists practising at their full professional level and who stay up-to-date in their scientific field. The designation was conferred to The Science Council by Royal Charter in October 2003 and adds science to the now familiar list of chartered professions such as biologist, accountant or surveyor.

The IBMS organises a diverse range of scientific and professional events including its three-day Biomedical Science Congress - the largest event of its kind in the UK.

The Institute publishes two periodicals, The Biomedical Scientist (monthly) and British Journal of Biomedical Science (quarterly), which together carry scientific papers, news, articles, opinions, reports, diaries of events and job advertisements. It also publishes a number of laboratory and professional guidelines and careers information.

A network of Institute regions and branches in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, Cyprus and Gibraltar provides opportunities for members to participate locally in Institute affairs. The 11 Institute regions support local biomedical scientists, promote the profession, develop local networks and organise scientific and social meetings.

Grants and prizes are available for research and other scientific work in biomedical science subjects.

IBMS Membership

The IBMS offers a package of membership benefits for biomedical scientists. If you would like to consider joining the Institute you can submit your details to request an information pack or you can contact the IBMS office.

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